As a leader in Gulf research, we host a number of conferences, workshops, panels and seminars. Here's what's going on at HRI today.
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HRI Weekly Seminar Series - "Integrating Ecological and Geomorphic Research to Inform River Management and Restoration"

Effective river management and restoration requires an understanding of how the physical environment has changed, and how alterations to the physical environment impact biota. Dr. Laub will discuss recent efforts to integrate information on historic channel and riparian vegetation changes with fish species life history information to guide river restoration efforts.

Green Infrastructure for Coastal Resilience Training

Participants in this workshop will learn to recognize green infrastructure terms and concepts that contribute to community resilience, understand the ecological, economic, and societal benefits of green infrastructure, understand the wide variety of contexts and scales of green infrastructure approaches, identify existing planning processes suitable for integrating green infrastructure, stakeholder engagement techniques, and potential funding opportunities, and identify local green infrastructure activities and experts with additional information.