Publishing in Experimental Results: an Environmental Science Perspective

Cambridge University Press
October 6, 2020
10:00 am
October 6, 2020
11:00 am
virtual event

HRI's Dr. Jennifer Pollack joins the panel for this webinar held by the Experimental Results journal with Cambridge University Press.  

In this webinar, find out more about their new open access journal Experimental Results, and what it means for the field of Environmental Science. Experimental Results is an open access journal providing a forum for experimental findings that disclose the small incremental steps vitally important to experimental research; experiments and findings which have so far remained hidden.

We will explore what this ground-breaking new journal means for the world of Environmental Science research, take you through the anatomy of an Experimental Results paper, and finish with a Q&A with our panelists. Our speakers Dr. Jennifer Pollack, Chief Editor for Environmental Science, Dr. Benjamin Walther, Experimental Results author, Dr. Fiona Hutton, Executive Publisher and Alison Paskins, Publishing Editor form the panel.