HRI Dinner Honors Donor Contributions to the Institute, its Research and Students

Press Release
HRI donor dinner

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — HRI hosted a special dinner and speaking engagement Monday, July 16, to honor a handful of special donors who have contributed to HRI, its research, and its efforts to educate the next generation of Gulf of Mexico marine scientists.

HRI honored Mr. Lee Jordan, Mr. and Mrs. James Copeland, Mr. and Mrs. Johnathan Hornblower and Mr. and Mrs. John Howard Crutchfield for their generous contributions to the institute.

Dr. Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer, Explorer and HRI’s Founding Advisory Board Chair for the Harte Research Institute spoke at the dinner. She was in town as the guest of honor for the Youth World Sailing Championships, hosted for the first time this year in Corpus Christi.

HRI's honored guests.
HRI Director Dr. Larry McKinney and Texas A&M University President Dr. Kelly Quintanillla with honored guests.

Jordan was honored for his donation of an art piece, “Humpback Realm” by Robert Wyland.

The Copelands were honored for their continued support of HRI’s scientific diving program.

The Hornblowers were honored for their help in establishing the Furgason Fellowship with HRI’s founder, Ed Harte. The Furgason Fellowship supports international research and educational opportunities at the institute.

The Crutchfields were honored for their continued support of HRI’s master’s and doctoral students through the Crutchfield Fellowship.

HRI thanks these special donors and all our supporters for helping us to continue to work toward a sustainable and healthy Gulf of Mexico.