Yoskowitz Appointed to Board of Directors of Indifly

Press Release

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Dr. David Yoskowitz, HRI Associate Director for Research, Policy and Development and Endowed Chair for Socio-Economics, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of Indifly, which is dedicated to using fisheries to create sustainable livelihoods for indigenous peoples around the world.

Yoskowitz is an economist who is focused on understanding and communicating the link between environmental well-being and human well-being and moving practice into action. His work has taken him through much of North and Central America including Cuba, Nicaragua, Belize, El Salvador, and Mexico.

Indifly’s mission is to assist indigenous communities in developing locally owned fly fishing ecotourism operations that directly benefit from resource conservation. Once developed, these lodges and guiding operations create environmentally friendly fly fishing destinations that quickly become part of any fly angler's bucket list. Ultimately, Indifly helps develop a sustainable economy while empowering local inhabitants to conserve the often-imperiled natural resources of many emerging nations.

“I’m very excited about serving on the board and bringing my experience and passion for microenterprise development, natural resource conservation, and fly fishing together to support the mission and vision of Indifly,” Yoskowitz said.

In addition to his commitments at the Harte Research Institute, Yoskowitz previously served as NOAA’s Chief Economist (2014-2015), where he strove to integrate social science throughout its operations and cultivate stronger ties with the bio-physical sciences. He is currently working on a project in Cuba to help envision sustainable sportfishing that can have a strong economic and community impact. 

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