Emily Cira

Emily Cira, M.S.

Graduate Research Assistant
Project Title
Phytoplankton dynamics in a eutrophying South Texas estuary (Baffin Bay)
Expected Graduation Year
M.S. Marine Biology, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi (2013)
B.A. Biology with a Specialization in Marine Science, Boston University (2008)

Emily Cira is a PhD candidate in Coastal and Marine System Science working with Dr. Michael Wetz.  Her dissertation research focuses on nutrient-phytoplankton dynamics in Baffin Bay, Texas.  This includes understanding the drivers of spatial, seasonal, and interannual variability in the phytoplankton community, with an emphasis on the Texas brown tide organism.  While conducting her dissertation research, Emily has had the opportunity to work closely with the Baffin Bay community through a volunteer water quality monitoring program, and she hopes her work can help guide community-driven management and restoration efforts in the Baffin Bay watershed.  Emily is currently a 2018 NOAA Knauss Fellow with the EPA National Nutrient Criteria Program.