Jordana Cutajar

Graduate Research Assistant & NOAA CCME Scholar
Office Number
HRI 209
Phone Number
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Project Title
Red Tide Blooms in Estuaries
Expected Graduation Year
B.S. Environmental Science, University of Florida (2017)

Jordana is an M.S student in the Coastal and Marine System Science program and a
NOAA fellow. She is working under Dr. Michael Wetz conducting research on ride tide
blooms in Texas estuaries. Prior to pursuing a master s degree, Jordana worked as a
lab and field biologist at a lake management company in South Florida. She helped
collect and process water quality samples to produce scientific reports for lakes all
throughout Florida. She began focusing on algae about two years ago, while
performing algae identifications for clients with problematic blooms. It is through this
position that she developed a fascination and appreciation for algae. After experiencing
the devastation of red tide blooms in Florida she was motivated to pursue further
opportunities to study and learn about red tide, which ultimately led her to Corpus
Christi. When she's not geeking out over algae she enjoys traveling, going to concerts,
and finding new parks to visit.