Molly McBride

Graduate Research Assistant & NOAA CCME Scholar
Office Number
HRI 209
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Expected Graduation Year
B.S. Biology, LaSalle University (2018)

Molly is a Master's student working with Dr. Michael Wetz in the Coastal and Marine
System Science program as a Graduate Research Assistant. As a NOAA CCME
Scholar, she will research Karenia brevis, a harmful algae that plagues the Gulf of
Mexico and the mechanisms of this organism's toxin. Molly graduated from La Salle
University with her BS in Biology. During her time in undergraduate she researched
both neurotoxicity and the taxonomic diversity of microbial organisms in urban versus
suburban rivers. As a lifelong ocean lover, she has volunteered at a Florida State Park
on the west coast of the state and enjoyed swimming at the Jersey shore every
summer growing up.