Monisha Sugla

Graduate Research Assistant & NOAA CCME Scholar
Office Number
HRI 209
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Expected Graduation Year
B.S. Marine Biology, Rutgers University (2016)

Monisha Sugla is an M.S. student and NOAA CCME Scholar in the Coastal and Marine System
Science program at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. She is working in Dr. Pollack’s
Coastal Conservation and Restoration Ecology lab. Monisha received her B.S. in Marine
Biology/Biological Oceanography from Rutgers University- New Brunswick, where she
completed an undergraduate thesis exploring the effects of ocean acidification and temperature
on Antarctic krill. Afterwards, she worked as a Biological Science Technician with the National
Park Service at Crater Lake National Park. Monisha’s interests lie in coastal habitat
conservation and restoration. Her thesis research is focusing on habitat restoration and oyster
reefs in the Gulf of Mexico.