Richard McLaughlin, J.D., L.L.M., J.S.D.

Endowed Chair for Coastal and Marine Policy and Law
Senior Leadership
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HRI 311C
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J.S.D., Doctorate in Law, Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California at Berkeley (1997)
LL.M., Masters in Marine Law and Policy, University of Washington School of Law, Seattle, Washington (1987)
J.D., Cum Laude, Tulane University School of Law, New Orleans, Louisiana (1985)
A.B., Cum Laude, Humboldt State University, Arcata, California (1978)

Expertise: Dr. McLaughlin joined Harte Research Institute in June 2005. As the first of the Endowed Chairs to join the team, his knowledge of marine policy and legal issues including the international law of the sea, ocean energy policies, ocean governance, and marine ecosystem-based management provide an important context for application and integration of his colleagues' scientific findings. Incorporating well-developed public policy into scientific, economic, and social issues offers decision makers an added framework in which to work.

He has been actively involved in a variety of leadership positions in the marine policy field, is a former Fulbright Scholar to Japan and has published over sixty articles and monographs on ocean and coastal policy issues. In the classroom, his instruction has included Admiralty; Coastal Management and Ocean Law; and Environment/Marine Policy.

Additional Activities: Dr. McLaughlin works with a number of non-profit organizations to support his focus on policy and law. He actively participates in professional conferences as an organizer and speaker. In 2007, he led the Law of The Sea Institute Conference focusing on the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean.

Research Focus and Interests: Embracing the "HRI Model," Dr. McLaughlin serves on the research teams of several current projects including the CAMEO Project and Texas Coastal Program Assessment and Strategies Report, which includes each of the Harte Research Institute disciplines. He has also studied strategic application of policy for the stewardship of the Gulf of Mexico, managing transboundary marine resources, policy issues affecting habitat restoration and conservation, and conflicts, gaps, and needs of ecosystem based management.

Publications: As an attorney, Dr. McLaughlin values the importance of providing objective legal and policy information to key audiences. Throughout his career, he has shared his findings through publications including magazines, professional journals, conference papers, and books.

  • McLaughlin, R., "Rolling Easements in Coastal Texas as a Possible Tool to Deal With Sea Level Rise in the Gulf of Mexico" forthcoming in Florida State University Journal of Land Use and Environmental Law (2011).
  • McLaughlin, R. Exploiting Marine Genetic Resources Beyond National Jurisdiction and the International Protection of Intellectual Property Rights: Can They Coexist? D. Vidas, Law, Technology and Science for Oceans in Globalization (Martinus Nijhoff Publishing, 2010) 371-382.
  • McLaughlin, R. Chapter X, "Maritime Boundary Delimitation and Cooperative Management of Transboundary Hydrocarbons in the Ultra-Deepwaters of the Gulf of Mexico," S.Y. Hong and J. Van Dyke, Maritime Boundary Disputes, Settlement Processes, and the Law of the Sea (Brill/Kluwer Publishing, 2009) 199-230.
  • McLaughlin, R. "Establishing Transboundary Marine Energy Security and Environmental Cooperation Areas as a Method of Resolving Longstanding Political Disagreements and Improving Transboundary Resource Management in the Gulf of Mexico" Issues in Legal Scholarship, Frontier Issues in Ocean Law (2008): Article 1. University of California at Berkeley Electronic Press.
  • Cruz, I. and R. McLaughlin. "Contrasting Marine Policies in the United States, Mexico, Cuba and the European Union: Searching for an Integrated Strategy for the Gulf of Mexico Region" 51 Ocean and Coastal Management 826-838 (2008).
  • McLaughlin, R. "Hydrocarbon Development in the Ultra-Deepwater Boundary Region of the Gulf of Mexico: Time to Reexamine a Comprehensive U.S.-Mexico Cooperation Agreement" 39 Ocean Development and International Law 1-31 (2008).
  • McLaughlin, R., "Collaborative Governance in the Gulf of Mexico," Proceedings of the State of the Gulf Summit, Corpus Christi, TX (March 2006).


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