GecoServ: Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem Services Valuation Database

Principal Investigator

A searchable database of ecosystem services value information for the Gulf of Mexico.

Humans benefit from a variety of products and services provided by the environment, these are called ecosystem services (ES). ES are the contributions that support, sustain, and enrich human life and are generally divided into four categories: supportive (e.g. hydrological cycle), regulating (e.g. disturbance regulation), provisioning (e.g. food), and cultural services (e.g. recreation).

Although ecosystem services are critical to human well-being, cases in which they have been applied to real policies and decisions are rare. For society to make informed decisions about a sustainable use of the environment, a link from the quantification of ES to society's needs is necessary.

The two main goals of the GecoServ database are to allow for the distribution and sharing of information about ES valuation studies relevant to the Gulf of Mexico region and to identify current gaps in the ES literature. The studies summarized here are for habitats that are relevant to the Gulf region even though they may have been conducted elsewhere.


  1. Develop a searchable database available to the public containing studies valuing ecosystem services (ES).
  2. Share information about ES and their monetary value.

GecoServ contains studies valuing ecosystems relevant to the Gulf of Mexico, such as wetlands, coral reefs, beach/dunes, seagrass, oyster reefs, and marine/open water.

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