Gulf 360˚: State of the Gulf of Mexico

Principal Investigator

An international, holistic effort designed to create a dialogue about the common interests the three Gulf of Mexico nations, the U.S., Mexico and Cuba, have in protecting the Gulf’s ecology and economy.

Gulf 360˚: A look at the Socio-Economic State and Trends for the Tri-National Gulf of Mexico region

Gulf 360˚ is both a publication and searchable geospatial database that focuses on the coastal socio-economic characteristics of the Gulf of Mexico region. Its inspiration is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) “The Gulf of Mexico at a Glance" that provides highlights on the coastal communities, coastal economy, and coastal ecosystem of the five U.S. Gulf States. 

Gulf 360˚ encompasses socio-economic data from the three countries in the Gulf of Mexico (Cuba, Mexico, and the United States) and acts as a benchmark for future analysis. The output from this project can be utilized by the private sector, non-governmental organizations, academics, and government entities in order to make more effective decisions by incorporating socio-economic information.

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