Gulf of Mexico Report Card Prototype for Texas

Principal Investigator

A prototype Report Card on the health of the Gulf of Mexico in Texas.

Coastal Texas and its watersheds provide an excellent model of the entire Gulf of Mexico for developing an EcoHealth Metrics Report Card because of the diversity and complexity of its ecosystems, human communities, and associated environmental pressures and stressors. Consequently, the Texas Pilot Project will serve as a proof-of-concept evaluation or “prototype” of the framework and its implementation of the Gulf of Mexico Report Card.

Workshops will convene to partition coastal Texas into its constituent ecological habitats and to identify the full suite of pressures and stressors that impinge on coastal Texas ecosystems. The workshops will consist of scientists, stakeholders, and Texas environmental managers to ensure appropriate existing or prospective data and metrics are considered, and that the management issues and long-term sustainability goals for coastal Texas are adequately defined.

Following the workshops, an interim report will be prepared to overview the Texas Pilot Project and to be set up as a prototype for developing similar regional-scale EcoHealth Metrics for other regions of the Gulf of Mexico.

This project is one in a series funded by the state Office of the Governor and administered through the Texas OneGulf Center of Excellence research consortium.