HRI Thinking Deeper: 2018-2028

Principal Investigator

Over the years, HRI has done a lot of work to tactically chart its direction and growth and ensure the institute is addressing high priority needs for the Gulf.  However, we have never formalized these efforts in a strategic plan, until now. 

Our strategic plan, "HRI Thinking Deeper: 2018-2028," highlights HRI's Vision, Mission and Strategy while narrowing in on priority research areas, outcomes we intend to achieve in those areas and targeted actions we will take to get there. 

It also details our process of continual engagement with our partners and the broader community for maximum impact, creating internal focus and external synergy in addressing landscape, watershed and ocean scale issues threatening Gulf of Mexico communities. 

Creating the document consisted of a focused, year-long process of reviewing key documents, conducting an external survey of Gulf of Mexico decision-makers on priority science needs, and holding iterative deliberations and brainstorming sessions with internal employees and key external stakeholders.  View the plan at the link on the right of the page.