Legacy Book: Los escleractinios de Cuba (Corals of Cuba)

Principal Investigator
from John W. Tunnell, Jr.'s preface:

The Scleractinians of Cuba book is the summation and synthesis of knowledge gained from perhaps the most detailed study of stony corals ever undertaken in the Caribbean Sea.  This massive project, led by Vassil Zlatarski of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences during 1970-73, was in cooperation and collaboration with scientists from the Institute of Oceanology in Havana, Cuba.  After years of painstaking and detailed analyses by the scientists, and 1000s of photographs by Bogdan Jablensky, the first edition of the book was published in Russian in 1980.  In 1982, a second edition was published in French.  Due to small printing runs of these two earlier editions, and the lack of a Spanish or English version, the book and its contents are little known or available to modern coral reef scientists.  

Considering the current state of decline in coral reefs in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea, this landmark study and book should be of great importance and use to modern day coral reef scientists and their work towards conservation of these treasured ecosystems. 


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