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Research Proposal Seminar - Terry Palmer

Increases in human visitation to Antarctica and consequent anthropogenic impacts over the last half century have increased concern about the marine environment. Localized contamination has been documented in the marine seafloor adjacent to several Antarctic research stations via dumping, runoff, or with treated or untreated sewage. This dissertation aims to fill some of the knowledge gaps regarding the anthropogenic effects of some contaminants on portions of marine systems.

HRI Science Seminar Series - "Bioinformatics: Exploratory data analysis using phylogenetic trees and networks"

Exploratory data analysis is a statistical approach to summarize the main characteristics of a dataset through visualizations. Dr. Schliep will present some recent work on exploratory visualization tools for phylogenetic comparative methods that integrate phylogenetic and phenotypic data to make inferences about patterns of evolution.

Research Proposal Seminar - Diana Del Angel

Sea-level rise will result in landscape changes that will expose a greater number of people and infrastructure to coastal hazards and reduce the flow of ecosystem services. Creating communities that are more resilient requires consideration of potential future states of the environment and communities’ adaptive capacity. The main objective of this dissertation is to assess the social impact of sea-level rise and the benefits provided by natural and nature-based features under changing conditions in the Northern Gulf of Mexico.