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Edward H. Harte
We seek science driven solutions for problems facing the Gulf of Mexico in order to advance its long-term sustainable use and conservation.

A lot of academic environments slow down in the summer, but that’s not an option when you’re one of the stars of Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week!” HRI’s Center for Sportfish Science and Conservation returned to television in June, tagging 1,000-pound "Monster Makos” for their “Shark Week” special. We had other outstanding performances this summer too: Our Oyster Recycling program “Sink Your Shucks” celebrated its 1,000,000th pound of oyster shell collected to restore reef in the Coastal Bend and the Texas OneGulf Center of Excellence was able to rapidly react and deploy resources to study a sudden die-off of coral and marine invertebrates on the East Bank of the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary. This fall we're looking to Cuba as HRI plans a student workshop focused on emerging issues in tourism and environmental protection in Havana and Maria La Gorda. Stay tuned!

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