Fisheries & Ocean Health


The focus of the Fisheries and Ocean Health Lab is to provide scientific data for sustainable management of our marine fisheries and ocean resources to ensure healthy environments.  Our research program is diverse but currently focuses on migration patterns of marine life using a variety of state-of-the-art electronic tracking devices, how marine animals interact with their habitats, and the vital role that estuaries and near-shore waters play in sustaining marine populations. Specifically, our  research includes understanding the roles of apex predators in Gulf ecosystems, dolphin-fish migration patterns and life history, red snapper ecology and management, fish contaminant loads, and several projects dealing with numerous estuarine fishes such as spotted seatrout and red drum and their sustainable management.

Lab in action!

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Track our Sharks

Species: Tiger Shark
Gender: Female
Length: 9.3 ft
Weight: 294 lbs
Tag Date: Aug 14, 2014
Species: Hammerhead Shark
Gender: Male
Length: 7.2 ft
Weight: 102 lbs
Tag Date: Jul 14, 2014
Sam Houston
Species: Tiger Shark
Gender: Male
Length: 10.2 ft
Weight: 361 lb
Tag Date: Aug 14, 2014

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